Ali Baba & The Six Thieves


The familiar plot, interspersed with the comic capers of the robbers.  Plus, exotic locations, dancing girls, a camel and a gorilla!

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Old Baghdad is abuzz with the news that the Sultan’s gold crown has been stolen by Al Kapoun and his gang; there is a 1,000 piastres reward for its return. Meanwhile Ali Baba, a camel driver, is courting Nesta, a local café owner; he and his son Said are making preparations for a trip to Mukka-Dada. Said is in love with Mariana, daughter of shopkeeper Mario Marconi. Mario disapproves of her plans to marry Said because he (Said) is in a ‘dead-end job’ with no prospects.

Ali and Said set off and come to a remote spot in the desert little knowing they are outside the cave of Al Kapoun. The robbers arrive and enter the cave watched by Ali and Said. Later the robbers depart and Ali and Said enter the cave (“Open Sesame!”), where they discover the Sultan’s stolen crown.

Ali becomes a hero in Baghdad and receives the 1,000 piastres reward. Mario is impressed and approves of Said and Mariana getting married. But Ali soon spends all the money and returns to the cave for more loot. He is captured by the robbers but rescued by Said, Mariana and Mario.

Al Kapoun pursues Ali and Co to Baghdad. He kidnaps Nesta and holds her as a hostage in her café. Three of the  robbers meanwhile are told to hide in several large storage jars in the stables and wait for Al’s signal. They are discovered by Mariana and Said, who knock them unconscious.

Back at the café, Ali Baba and Mario are captured by Al Kapoun and two of his men. Said and Mariana arrive and they too are captured. Said challenges Al to a sword fight and defeats him. There is a stand-off. A police sergeant arrives and Al tries to bluff his way out, unsuccessfully. He tries to escape but is flattened by Nesta. The robbers are arrested and all ends happily with a double wedding.

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Herald, Len, Borro, Nesta, Ali Baba, Said Baba, Mario Marconi, Mariana, Al Kapoun, Die Hard, Nasty Ned, Phil the Felon, Robber Dick, Little Creep, Abdullah, Sounah, Leita, Sergeant, Camel, Gorilla.

6 Male 4 Female 11 Male of Female parts