Will Cinderella go to the Ball? The most loved of all pantos, and the plot line almost sacrosanct.  This version concentrates on comic set pieces, especially those involving the Ugly Sisters.  Outstanding are a vintage car scene and a classic ballroom scene involving several musical styles and hilarious dialogue, plus a take on Strictly Come Dancing.

There is some knockabout comedy with the Handymen, and a colourful scene set in the South Seas, which occurs when Fairy Foozle loses her bearings.

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Cinderella lives at Hardup Hall with her father, Baron Hardup, but has a hard time at the hands of stepmother Lady Hardup and stepsisters Tiger Lily and Trixibelle.

Prince Charming sends out invites for his Grand Ball to all eligible young women in the village of Much Mincing-in-the-Marsh. There is much excitement when the invites are delivered by Dandini, the Prince’s valet. Cinderella’s invite is ripped up by the Baroness and the Ugly Sisters, who set her an impossible number of tasks to do.

Fairy Godmother Foozle arrives to fix things and arranges for Cinders to be transported to the Ball, albeit via a rather circuitous route to a South Seas Island. Foozle tells her to be home by midnight or else…

She meets the Prince and dances with him but fails to meet the midnight deadline and rushes out leaving behind one of her shoes. Charming publicly proclaims that he will marry whichever girl’s foot fits the shoe and sets off to find her.

The next day at Hardup Hall the Prince and Dandini arrive with the shoe, which amazingly (but fraudulently) fits Trixibelle. The sisters and Baroness insist that there are no other females in the household but eventually Cinderella arrives with Buttons, tries on the shoes and  … all ends happily with the wedding of Cinders and her prince.

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Dandini, Tiger Lily, Trixibelle, Baron Hardup, Lady Hardup, Buttons, Cinderella, Fairy Foozle, Sandy, Andy, Leilani, Graham the Gorilla, Prince Charming, Tess Daly, Craig Revel Horwood, Shirley Ballas, Bruno Tonioli.

5 Male 6 Female 4 Male or Female parts