Dick Whittington


A refreshing and charming new take on the old favourite with the traditional plot and ingredients.


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Dick Whittington comes to London with his cat Tommy to seek his fortune. He is employed by Alderman Fitzwarren, and falls in love with the Alderman’s daughter Alice.

Dick is given the chance of organising a trading expedition to Morocco, but is prevented from doing so by the evil schemes of King Rat.

However he manages to join the expedition and with the help of Fairy Snow Tommy and cook Dolly Doolittle he makes good and returns in triumph to London and Alice.

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Dolly Doolittle, Walter Winkle, Alderman Fitzwarren, Alice Fitzwarren, Percy Partridge, Dick Whittington, Tommy, King Rat, Fairy Snow, Captain Joshua Bilge, The Mate, Maisie, Daisy, Sultan of Morocco, Selima, Cremona

7 Male 6 Female 3 Male or Female parts