This panto is an amalgam of all the Westerns you’ve ever seen, from “High Noon” to “Son of Paleface”, and from “Calamity Jane” to “The Good The Bad and The Ugly”, and is a rootin’ tootin’  shootin’ fun classic.

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Belle Starr’s nephew Billy arrives in the town of Moose Creek to claim  his inheritance  –  a claim to a gold mine.

But Black Bart rides into town and shoots it up.  He steals Billy’s map and kidnaps his girl friend Annie Oaktree.

Billy, Belle and Sheriff Roscoe T. Witt have a hilarious encounter with Geronimo, Big Chief of the Choctaws.

Later they recover the map and go looking for gold in the ghost town of Tumbleweed.

When Bart’s brother Black Jack arrives on the noonday train bent on vengeance, the scene is set for the Final Showdown on Main Street.

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Roscoe T Witt, Belle Starr, Clyde, Skeeter, Mr Jinks, Annie Oaktree, Billy Starr, Black Bart McGraw, Bert, Sam, Big Al, Little Al, Geronimo, White Dove, Black Jack

3 Male, 3 Female, 7 M/F Parts