Jack & The Beanstalk


The Giant’s transformation scene is the highlight of a fast-moving and hilarious adventure classic.

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Jack’s mum Dame Jolly can’t pay the rent so they sell off the family pet Lulubelle the cow.

A passing leprechaun sells Jack some magic beans, and when he plants these, he, Dame Jolly, Mr Chips the schoolmaster and Dick Dummox are transported to Megalomania.

In Castle Eery he meets Mad Maude, the Giant and Doctor Knott.

Overwhelming odds are overcome as Jack defeats the baddies and rescues the Doctor’s assistant Jill.

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Dame Jolly, Jack Jolly, Sean Conn, Old McDonald, Dick Dummox, Mo, Joe, Mr Chips, Lulubelle, Mad Maude, Doctor Knott, Frank N Stein, Jill, Frank Mark II

4 Male 3 Female 8 Male of Female parts