Robin Hood & The Babes in the Wood


The plot combines the Babes-lost-in-the-forest story with the Robin Hood legend.  The comedy comes thick and fast with the comedy hitmen and Robin’s motley crew of Men in Tights

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The Babes come to visit their uncle, the Sheriff of Nottingham, little suspecting that he is planning their demise.

But never fear, help is at hand!  –  in the shape of Robin and his Merry Men, plus Lady Marian, and Nanny Dame Dannii (with two Is).

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Ellen-a-Dale, Sheriff of Nottingham, Gumption, Astrid, Tootsie, Tommy, Teenie, Dame Dannii, Lady Marian, Big John, Little Joan, Robin Hood, Syd Sludge, Cecily Potts, Mutch the Miller

5 Male 6 Female 4 Male or Female parts