Sinbad & The Pirate Queen


Sinbad faces dangers galore on Googli Island at the hands of the notorious Pirate Queen, Anna Konda.

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Anna Konda, Queen of the pirates, sinks a galleon belonging to the Maharajah of Mumbai and escapes with the treasure.

Sinbad is commissioned to retrieve it and sails to remote and mysterious Googli Island with the Maharajah, his daughter Princess Shakira and his Auntie Selima.

The rascally queen has prepared all sorts of booby-traps which Sinbad must overcome in his quest.

The script has a kind of Indiana Jones feel (especially as in Raiders of the Lost Ark), and is packed with laughter, fast-paced, and full of ingenious twists and turns.

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Anna Konda, pirate queen, Die Hard, Insahid, Outsahid, Milly Malone, Cutthroat Kirtsy, Naughty Nadia, Tinie Tom, Sinbad, Mustapha, Selima, Ali Timpan, Maharajah of Mumbai, Grand Vizier, Princess Shakira, Jazmin.

6 Male 7 Female 1 Male or Female parts