Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs


Based on the original Brothers Grimm fairytale this version features Snow White, Prince Jamie, the evil Queen, and the comic duo of Mavis Goodbody and Wally Wimpole; plus a hip Dwarf called Coolio.

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When Princess Snow White returns from finishing school, her stepmother, the evil Queen Belladonna, is jealous of her beauty and plots her demise.

After an assassination attempt in the forest, she is rescued by seven vertically challenged persons, and further aided by the gallant Prince Jamie and outrageous dame Mavis Goodbody.

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Oddjob, the narrator, Snow White, the princess, Queen Belladonna, Prince Jamie, of Snowdonia, King Stanley, of Cornucopia, Mavis Goodbody, the Dame, Wally Wimpole, Dwarfs: Bossy, Cheery, Grouchy, Simon, Lofty, Jimmy, Coolio

3 Male 2 Female 9 Male or Female parts