Stramash – A Highland Fantasy


With shades of Brigadoon, this is a wholly original story with a setting in the Scottish Highlands that is guaranteed to delight all lovers of panto.

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Billy Butler and his dog Haggis are hillwalking one day when they stumble across the ruins of an old abandoned village called Stramash.  Given the chance of visiting the old village by Nutmeg, a passing gnome, Billy is transported back in time to 1850, and finds the villagers in the midst of a local election.

One of the candidates is the Laird of Stramash, Sir Dick d’Astard-Leigh, a nasty piece of work, and when he is defeated by shopkeeper Donald McDonald, he vows vengeance.

The village rents are promptly doubled, and the villagers’ only recourse is to approach the Laird directly.  New Provost McDonald, plus his daughter Flora, Billy Butler and Dame Mairi Gould, are detailed to go to Stramash Castle to lodge the complaint.

The only thing is….  Stramash Castle is rumoured to be haunted! The scene is set for an extended sequence of comic horror and special effects that will have the audience gripping their seats in suspense and their sides with laughter as the goodies take on the rascally Laird and seek to thwart his evil schemes!

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Billy Butler, Haggis, Nutmeg, Flora, Mairi, Donald, Hamish, Morag, Butt, Ben, Sir Dick Dastard-Leigh, Supermutt

3 Male 2 Female 5 Male or Female parts